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April 2014 Archives

Illinois Bank of America credit card customers should check bills

When some consumers get credit cards, they assume that they will only use them for emergencies. What some people don't plan for is how billing practices and other charges on the credit card can add up, especially when those charges are deceptive. A recent case with Bank of America shows just how important it is to keep track of every single penny that is being charged to a credit card. Anyone in Illinois who has had a Bank of America credit card might be interested in this case.

Chicago couple pays off over $127,000 of debt in under 4 years

Dealing with debt is something that can take a lot of energy. For some couples who are in debt, getting fed up with being in debt is what leads them to take steps to get out of debt. For one couple in Chicago, realizing they were tired of being in debt led them to aggressively pay off more than $127,000 in debt in almost four years.

Brookstone faces bankruptcy, sells to Spencer Spirit

Brookstone, a retailer that is well known in malls all across Illinois, is facing bankruptcy. Reports indicate that the store is in debt for around $200 million. Sales have been falling steadily for some time. The recession forced people to stop buying extras or luxury goods, which is much of what the store sells.

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