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February 2014 Archives

Some Illinois bankruptcy opinions available online

When you are in more debt than you can handle, you might decide to explore your legal options to gain a fresh financial start by seeking debt relief using one of the legal options available. You might want to know exactly what options you have, how each option will affect you and what the process is like for each option. For some Illinois residents, finding out this information might be a little easier soon.

Credit card debt is taking over the nation

It seems that many are back to pulling out the plastic for things that might not be an emergency. During the height of the financial crisis, people curbed their use of credit cards because they feared the financial situation would eventually make its way to them, if it hadn't already. But now, according to a recent report, credit card debt is making a comeback, and Chicago residents are not immune.

Illinois reports of identity theft and data breaches rose in 2013

For Illinois residents, trying to keep control of credit card debt means keeping a vigilant watch on their credit card statements. Attorney Genera Lisa Madigan's office reported that the number of consumer complaints was down in 2013 from 2012.

Illinois residents may see wording deviations on collection bills

Getting statements from creditors isn't a favorite activity of most people. When the money isn't there to pay the creditor or when the debt the creditor is claiming is invalid, having to deal with the creditor becomes more stressful. A three-judge panel in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently made a ruling that might make it more difficult for some people who get these letters from creditors to understand how to handle invalid debts.

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