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January 2014 Archives

Capital One least favorite credit card company in Illinois

Anyone who has a credit card should go over the statement with a fine tooth comb to ensure that only valid charges are being made on the card. For some Illinois residents, going over their credit card statements led to them filing complaints against the credit card companies. A recent report shows that Capital One is the least favorite credit card company for Illinois residents.

Know bankruptcy basics before filing for a fresh financial start

For a person who is looking into bankruptcy, sorting through a lot of the information can be rather challenging. Learning some of the basics of the bankruptcy process can make the decision-making and filing a little bit easier. Florida residents might like to know about some bankruptcy basics, so they can determine whether or not to file for this protection.

Underwater foreclosure rate in Illinois remains high

For many people, owning a home is part of the American dream - right down to the white picket fence. When your home begins to lose value because of the downturn of the economy or any other reason, that dream can easily be shattered. For some Illinois homeowners, having to cope with an undercover mortgage is a sad reality that might be compounded by other financial difficulties. Illinois currently ranks third in the country for the number of deeply underwater mortgages that are in the process of foreclosure.

American Express to refund money for fees on credit cards

Taking charge of your credit card debt usually means paying off the entire balance of your credit card. For some people, doing this is difficult under the best of circumstances. When the credit card company begins charging improper fees or for add-on services, the difficulty of paying off the card balance likely increases. Illinois residents might like to learn about a recent order stating that American Express has to pay more than $75 million to settle claims.

Eddie Montgomery files for bankruptcy protection

When a person amasses a large amount of debt, sometimes the best course of action is to seek protection from the legal system. If the debt is business-related or related to personal reasons, filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case stops creditor harassment and gives the person a chance to regroup and possibly get a fresh start. Readers in Chicago might be interested to hear about how a country singer is trying to overcome a large amount of debt stemming from several recent events.

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