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Helping Clients Escape From Staggering Interest Rates

When unexpected financial needs arise, many people turn to payday loans to bridge the gap until the next paycheck. Also known as cash advance, payroll advance or check-cashing loans, these forms of temporary relief come at a very high price. Interest rates can easily exceed 300 percent, and to pay off the first payday loan, a person may have to take out a second.

North & Sedgwick Law is an Illinois law firm offering the services of a Chicago payday loan debt relief lawyer with 10 years of federal court experience. Attorney Paul Camarena can advise you of your rights under the federal Bankruptcy Code. He also provides personal and attentive representation, never passing clients off to paralegals or associates.

'If I Don't Repay The Loan, Will I Be Accused Of Check Fraud?'

It is not uncommon for cash advance lenders to attempt to intimidate clients. They may tell you that if your postdated check bounces or you otherwise fail to repay the money, you will go to jail. However, the criminal charge of passing worthless checks does not apply to payday loans.

Just like credit card debt or medical debt, payday loan debt is considered unsecured and eligible to be discharged through bankruptcy. Federal law allows this, so do not hesitate to exercise your rights.

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