Chicago Credit Card Debt Relief Lawyer

Credit card debt is a very slippery slope. MasterCard, Visa, Discover and other credit card companies work hard to make it easier than ever for individuals to spend money before they earn it. Then, exorbitant interest rates take effect and make it very challenging to pay off the bills.

If you have found yourself encumbered by more credit card debt than you can ever repay, do not despair. North & Sedgwick Law has helped many people like you throughout Illinois erase such debt through filing bankruptcy. Chicago credit card debt relief lawyer Paul Camarena offers personal and attentive service throughout the process.

Is the debt even valid? Illinois has a five-year statute of limitations on such debts. If the debt is older than that, you may not be required to repay it, regardless of what the credit card company tells you. Contact the firm to learn more.

Bankruptcy Can Free You From Credit Card Obligations

Credit card debts, like medical bills and similar financial obligations, are considered unsecured debts. This makes them eligible to be discharged through either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In general, there are only a few situations in which it is impossible to discharge credit card debt. If a person commits fraud by filling out a card application with false information, his or her debts will not be discharged. Likewise, if a person intends to defraud the credit card company by spending as much as possible just before filing bankruptcy, the debt will not be discharged.

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