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Stop Losing The Money You Need From Your Paychecks

Wage garnishment is a significant problem for many people who have overextended themselves financially. Illinois law allows creditors to obtain judgments against debtors and automatically deduct a percentage of their paychecks. This amount can be as much as 15 percent of a person's gross earnings.

If you are losing money from your hard-earned paychecks, you have options. North & Sedgwick Law is here to help you understand these options and put a stop to wage garnishment. Whether you have already been served with a judgment notice or you are concerned about the possibility of garnishment, bankruptcy can be a powerful tool in your defense.

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As soon as you file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an automatic stay will go into effect. This is a court order that puts an immediate stop to wage garnishment as well as creditor harassment and related problems.

The firm's Chicago attorney, Paul Camarena, can advise you about which bankruptcy chapter is best for you. In addition to helping you stop the garnishment of your wages, he can explain how bankruptcy can protect you from losing other assets. For instance, creditors may obtain judgments that allow them to drain your checking or savings account to repay a debt. Filing bankruptcy can prevent this.

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