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If you are being sued by someone or a creditor has obtained a judgment against you, filing bankruptcy may provide a solution. Bankruptcy's automatic stay will put a stop to almost any civil lawsuit. In addition, bankruptcy discharges personal liability for many — but not all — judgments.

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If you are a party in a civil lawsuit, filing bankruptcy will in most cases put a stop to the proceeding once proper notice is filed with the court. Bankruptcy will also discharge court judgments for debts such as:

  • Personal injury lawsuits (with the exception of death or injury caused by DUI)
  • Credit card bills
  • Hospital bills
  • Payday loans

Not all judgments can be discharged. For example, student loans, child support, restitution in criminal cases, debts associated with fraud or criminal acts, and certain tax debts cannot be discharged. Creditors can object to a discharge of a debt or legal judgment based on these and other grounds. In some cases, the other party in a lawsuit can move to reactivate the proceeding once the bankruptcy automatic stay is terminated.

Only an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can advise you about your particular situation.

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