Bankruptcy For Those Approaching Retirement

Planning For A Financially Secure Retirement

Many baby boomers have suffered financial hardship as the result of job layoffs, stock market losses, falling home prices and medical problems. For people in this situation, bankruptcy may hold the key to obtaining a more financially secure retirement.

Paul Camarena at North & Sedgwick Law provides results-oriented representation for people with unmanageable debts who are approaching retirement or who have recently retired. If bankruptcy is the right solution for you, Mr. Camarena can handle all aspects of your case, seeking to maximize your debt relief while enabling you to keep as much property as possible.

Debt Relief For Active Seniors

In many ways, your retirement years are the best time to file bankruptcy. Your Social Security income is exempt from the means test, enabling many people to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, even if they have significant income from interest and dividends. Your retirement accounts, such as 401(k) accounts and IRAs, cannot be touched by creditors. People who have paid off their mortgages or have second homes may present problems, but Paul Camarena has solutions. He will work to develop a debt relief plan designed to place you in the best possible financial position.

Experienced Chicago Debt Relief And Bankruptcy Attorney

Paul Camarena has more than 10 years of experience in the federal court system. Having represented numerous clients in bankruptcy filings, Mr. Camarena has a thorough understanding of what is and what is not possible in the bankruptcy system. As your attorney, he will work diligently to protect your assets and reduce your debts.

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