How Can You Identify Financial Warning Signs?

People who file bankruptcy usually got into debt two ways: first gradually — and then suddenly. The sooner you can spot the warning signs, the better off you will be.

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Bankruptcy warning signs include:

  • Making minimum payments on credit cards: If you are making minimum payments on your credit cards each month, you are only digging yourself deeper into debt.
  • Juggling bills: If you are putting off some bills in order to pay others, you are not dealing with the problem of having more debt than you can pay.
  • Dipping into retirement savings: If you are dipping into retirement savings to pay credit card bills, you are robbing from yourself to pay the credit card company. Retirement savings are protected when you file bankruptcy, while credit card debt can be discharged.
  • No health insurance: Some people drop health coverage because they can no longer afford the premiums. However, without health insurance, you are one illness or injury away from bankruptcy.
  • Creditor harassment: If bill collectors call you more often than your family members, it's time to do something about your debt.
  • Threats of foreclosure or repossession: If you are behind on payments for a secured asset such as a home or a car, the bank may take the asset.
  • Tax arrears: The IRS does not wait patiently for taxpayers to get caught up on tax debt. You could end up facing costly penalties and tax liens.

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