Bankruptcy & Divorce

Guiding Clients Through The Complexities Of Bankruptcy During Divorce

Countless Illinois couples have found that money troubles and marital problems tend to go hand in hand. Financial stress is a common contributor to many divorces. However, trying to pay the bills on only one income instead of two can be equally challenging.

At North & Sedgwick Law, clients find clear and professional guidance through the debt-related difficulties surrounding divorce. The firm's Chicago bankruptcy lawyer, Paul Camarena, has 10 years of experience in federal court. He is available to help individuals and couples discharge their debt and gain a fresh start.

When Tough Questions Arise, Ask A Professional

The intersection of bankruptcy and divorce can be very complex. Both areas involve their own specific laws and procedures. Mr. Camarena is available to answer questions such as:

  • If I file bankruptcy, will I still have to pay alimony or child support?
  • Do I have to file bankruptcy with my ex-spouse or can I do it on my own?
  • Will bankruptcy protect me from having to repay any joint marital debts?
  • If I can't afford to keep the house on one income, can bankruptcy help me avoid foreclosure?

Regardless of your particular concerns, you can count on North & Sedgwick Law to be a strong and knowledgeable advocate on your behalf.

Free Consultation With A Chicago, Illinois, Bankruptcy Attorney

To learn more about bankruptcy during divorce and how it may affect your individual situation, arrange a free consultation today. Contact the firm at 312-878-8429 or via email.

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