Preparing For Bankruptcy In Chicago, Illinois

No matter what kind of debt problems you are facing, North & Sedgwick Law in Chicago offers a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and explore solutions. We will evaluate your debts, assets and other financial information to determine if bankruptcy may provide a solution for you. We will also take time to answer your questions. We provide this consultation without charge and with no obligation to hire us.

What Information Will I Need To Bring To My Consultation?

When you arrive, we will ask you to provide basic personal information about your financial situation. This information will include:

  • A list of your debts and creditors
  • A list of your assets
  • Bank and stock account information
  • Last year's tax return

It's important to be completely honest with your lawyer. Unless you tell us about an asset, we won't be able to protect it. For example, if you own a vacation home or an expensive vehicle, we could protect that asset by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, if you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and you have an asset that is not exempt, you could lose it. If you provide false information on your bankruptcy petition, your petition could be denied and you could be charged with bankruptcy fraud.

There are certain things you should never do before you file bankruptcy. The following are some examples:

  • Hiding assets
  • Transferring assets to friends or relatives
  • Spending lavishly

Before you take any steps that you cannot undo easily, schedule a consultation and discuss your case with an attorney. The consultation is free and could save both your peace of mind and your property. The firm's bankruptcy lawyer, Paul Camarena, serves individuals, families and businesses in Chicago and throughout the surrounding areas of Illinois.

Contact A Cook County Lawyer For Bankruptcy Protection

To discuss your case with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, simply call North & Sedgwick Law at 312-878-8429 to arrange an appointment. You can also contact the firm via email.

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†The firm is a debt relief agency and helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.